Are you a Leader?

A leader is defined as…

L imitless - without end, limit, or boundary. A leader does not see boundaries, they go right through boundaries. They do not exist.
E ncouraging - giving someone support or confidence; supportive. A leader not only provides support or confidence to others, they go through the fight with those they are encouraging. They encourage themselves as well.
A gile - able to think and understand quickly – A Leader is able to make decisions swiftly for the good of everyone involved.
D irect - (of a person or their behavior) going straight to the point; frank – A leader does not “sugar coat” a situation, they are upfront and honest with what needs to be done to achieve a common goal. And they get it done.
E pic - heroic or grand in scale or character: - A leader can be seen as heroic. What would have happened if you were not there? Do people look at you for guidance?
R esponsible - having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one's job or role – A leader not only takes the responsibility, but owns and performs the next right action to get the task done, take control of a situation or love on those around them.

Are you a leader?