A Brief Coach Experience

I have coached various athletes at different fitness levels over the years, particularly with our youth, ages 5-12 and they like to have fun. But I have noticed a huge difference between those who move on to become great athletes and those who do not; their Interest in being the best and winning every time!!

Most young athletes that want to be the best are the biggest “crybabies” or “angry kids” when they lose. When a young athlete, prone for greatness loses, it is a little funny to see their reactions. They are pissed and all they know to do is cry or display their frustration in anger. Those who don’t react to a loss in this way, usually do not go on to be serious athletes in their high school years and beyond. This is in my experience…

When a child has a mindset that they are playing a game to win, it usually carries throughout their other activities. Of course, they must learn to deal with their emotions in a more productive manner but crying and being angry seems to be acceptable or a normal reaction.

I believe coaches have a huge impact on a young athlete. From encouragement when they are struggling or find a task difficult, to providing hope for the next big game, a coach’s role is imperative for success.