A Sport Bully is an individual who Pushes Haters out of their way to Success and keeps their thoughts and actions positive to achieve their GOALS!


The Unshakable Focus of a Leader to Win and Force others to be Great; To Morph into Excellence. Embrace the Sport Bully Within

Sport Bully was founded in 2019 by Devin McNair and his family. Devin's parents, Dwayne and Leashaun sat down with their sons and asked, "if you were to start a business, what would it be?" With Devin's love of football and basketball, he said "he would start a clothing brand, like Nike or Air Jordan".

About Us
Ankle Bully

About Us

In school, Devin's classmates called him "Ankle Bully", and he liked that nickname. Leashaun was hesitant to promote Bully in the brand until doing research, she discovered the archaic meaning of "Bully" is "An Excellent Person" a word to express "Praise". With that knowledge, Sport Bully was created! 

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