Don't Let Someone telling you "No" Stop You from your Dreams

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me “no” when I want a “yes”, as long as its legal, I am going to get my “YES”. I am going to work hard to get it.

The first time I applied for a loan for a house I was told "No". I will never forget it. My sister and I were filling out a credit application with a private lender and he told us we have nothing of value to truly bring to the table and the way that it is looking we wouldn’t get approved for a loan.

Now, combined to date, we have 4 properties amongst ourselves and the "no", provided to me by that one lender, years ago, could have stopped my dream of home ownership, but I allowed it to push me harder. It fueled my desire, and I am not done yet. I have a goal to have multiple properties soon. 4 is just the beginning, so if you choose to allow someone telling you "no" once or twice or even multiple times to stop you, you will stop everything.

Whenever you have the desire to achieve a goal you cannot allow someone’s opinion or evaluation of your current circumstances hinder you. In the midst of defeat you have to find the courage to keep going to get your to your "Yes". The more no’s you go through and say “next”, the closer you will get to your "YES". Never let someone telling you "no", stop you in making all your dreams a reality.