Giving Up is Not An Option

We are all faced with decisions in our life; Giving up is not an option. I believe we are all here for a purpose, If we wake up in the morning it means we have more things to do in this life. If we woke up dead; we are done. "Woke up dead, that's a thought provoking statement, don't you think?"

Every day you are alive, you are to seize the day, whatever that day may be, for that day. Today you may have to run a marathon in the morning and host a dinner party that evening, but those are the commitments you made and you must show up. You may have a football game to play in the day and time to relax in the evening OR you have the whole day to get the much-needed rest you deserve from days of working constantly before, Yes, rest is much needed for you to SHOW UP and Perform on all the other days!

Today, upon awakening, think of the next 24 hours ahead and what you can do today, that will make a better tomorrow for you and your fellow man and woman. For you it may be going to the gym when you don't feel like going or showing up to a meeting to provide your insight on a topic or helping an elderly neighbor with her groceries. Whatever the day brings you must embrace the day and move forward. Any commitments you have made for that day, show up with enthusiasm and energy. Your energy can help your fellow man or woman seize the day as well. Smile at the person you walk by in the grocery store, say "hello."

No matter how hard or easy tasks may be or how challenging situations become, the only option is to do the next right thing, make a decision on your part to find a solution, smile and never give up!

Author, In-House Sport Bully Writer