How to Stay Focused

Living in this era it is hard to get and stay focused. Everybody wants our attention. From the television, to the radio, billboards on the road, the internet, your teachers, your friends, your bossess, your co-workers, your spouses, your parents, your cousins, your aunts, the list goes on and on. How does one remain focused in all the chaos we call the world? Simple, tunnel vision. To remain focused, you must create tunnel vision. Your time is precious, your dreams are precious and you have to create tunnel vision to perform the necessary daily tasks to get you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Here are a few tips to create tunnel vision so you will stay focused.

Step 1 - Set aside a place where you can perform the tasks necessary to achieve your goals. Ensure the space you choose is supporting of your goal. For example, your goal is to write a book. The place you choose to write should be one which promotes creative thoughts or provides inspiration to your subject matter. Or your goal is to run a marathon, so you would choose a place where running is your only action option, like at a track.

Step 2 - Set aside a time when you will perform your tasks. Set a reminder to start and an alarm to stop. For example, I set a time to sit down and write my articles. I go to my office, only open Microsoft Word, no internet, no email, nothing else but my Word document and I write until my alarm goes off. I may go a little over if I am on a roll!

Step - 3 Turn off your phone and other electronics unless they are part of your task I need my computer on to write my articles, but again I do not have any other windows or applications open so I remain focused and do not open myself up to distractions.

Step 4 - Try your very best to stick to your designated time and location. If one day you are off schedule, make it up by sticking to your schedule the very next day.

Author - In-House Sport Bully Writer