Inspire vs Force

People ask us, "Why do we say Force others to be great vs Inspire others to be great?"

We are Sport Bully. Not only are we pushing haters out of our way to success, but we are also forcing others to be great. We do not wish to simply inspire people. Today we need to be forced to work on recognizing our unique gifts to achieve greatness. Lets look at the meaning of inspire and force.

Inspire - to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Force - strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.

"Physical action or movement" vs "Ability to do or feel something"

As a Sport Bully we do not want people to "feel" they can do something. As a Sport Bully we provide the strength or energy for people to take the physical action towards doing something great. We do not want you to just feel the ability to be great, we want you to take the action to be great. We look at ourselves and others in the light of greatness and in fulfilling one's own destiny.

A Sport Bully provides the drive to move forward into your own greatness. We believe that everyone has the feeling, the emotion and desire to be great, but its the action that you take on the emotion that needs to be front and center and addressed daily.

Live the Message, Wear the Brand. Sport Bully - The unshakable focus of a leader to win, and force others to be great. An individual who pushes haters out to their way to success. To morph into excellence.

Sport Bully - Inhouse Writer