Live for the Day, Live for the Moment!

Today is all you have, live for the moment! We always find ourselves preparing for the future, but what you do today is all that matters. When you wake up in the morning, do you think about the big game or the presentation you are giving next week? Do not think about the game, think about what you need to do today to prepare for the next big event in your life. If you concentrate on what you can do today, this will alleviate any anxiety. Focus on the preparation and what actions you are taking today. What do you need to do in this moment? Complete reading this blog post first. :) But, yes, have your attention on this 1 minute reading before you perform the next action for today.

I have found it beneficial to remain in the present. If you give all the attention to the task at hand, you will be more productive and effective in completing the task. You will be more relaxed and more engaged in the process. Take advantage of living in the moment and living for the day. The actions that you take today will affect tomorrow. So its best to live today, moment by moment. That's all we have.