The Power in the Loss

Losing is a part of life, deal with it. Let's face it, no one is perfect. Anytime you are in a state of growth you must embrace the loss in the learning of your craft. Let's take my first year of wrestling for an example. I experienced my 1st year of wrestling this year. I never wrestled before and when I voiced to my friends my idea to wrestly, they laughed at me and said I was going to get my ass whooped and could not believe I was going to wrestle. They told me that folks who wrestle in High School have been doing it for years and it is not a good idea to start as a freshman in high school. They also said I was too small to wrestle, not hefty enough, not tall enough. Now, I do weigh a hefty 135 lbs and I am not the tallest kid in the bunch, but I was convinced that I could wrestle and win. And let me be frank, it looks fun!

I began to train and to learn wrestling techniques. My 1st wrestling match was a disaster, I got my ass whooped, just like my friends said. The next day at school I got teased, laughed at, joked with and let me be honest, I was pissed off! But still with my "Sport Bully" attitude, I kept myself motivated and focused on the next match, remembering the mistakes I made before. Next match, I got my ass whooped again. Next match, whooped again, 4th match once again, whooped!! Then I finally got a win, but of course, it had to be against a girl!!! You should have have heard the jokes at school the next day. I didn't even realize boys wrestled girls!! My friends clowned me for days. Next match, I won. Yes, against a boy. Next match won, next match loss. Next match won, then loss, then won and won again. Long story short, my 1st year ever stepping on a wrestling match I qualified for MD state wrestling championships. 1st match there, I got my ass whooped so bad that I could do nothing but kick my legs up in the air. Wrestling is fun, and I live to wrestle again next year. Gotta take the loss, to learn how to win!