The Power of You

Do you understand that YOU are created to be YOU. No one walking this earth is like you. You may share similar interests, or you may even look similar, but put your hand, literally put your handprint on anything, it will not be the same as anyone else.

This is a fact that no one should take lightly, nor ignore. We are all uniquely created for greatness and to live in our purpose. Getting to know yourself and what makes you, YOU are important. The longest relationship you will have with anyone, is the one you have with yourself. Let’s be real, you are around you all the time. Now this may sound like a statement that is obvious, but there are so many people walking around living an existence that is not true to themselves.

I find myself on this journey of discovery in my 40’s due to changes I have made within myself. I am getting to know me and beginning to truly let go of who I use to be. Seeking my truth and what makes me happy, joyous, and free to be ME.

I challenge all who are reading this article, at upon wakening after you have thanked your Creator for allowing you to see another day, to take 30 minutes to pray, meditate, exercise, write, whatever you do so you “center” yourself and your thoughts. Now, what the heck does that mean? Take time to take care of yourself and embrace YOU, before you let the world in.