What is Sport Bully?

A Sport Bully is defined as the "Unshakable Focus of a Leader to Win and Force Others to be Great. An individual who pushes haters out of their way to success. To morph into excellence."

Let's break down the definition of Sport Bully.

"Unshakable Focus of a Leader to Win" - Think about the meaning of those words. (1)Unshakable - strongly felt and unable to be changed (2) Focus - the center of interest of activity (3) Leader - the person who leads or commands of a group, organization or county. (4) Win - to be successful or victorious

In other words, A sport bully leads a group, organization or country to victory by remaining centered in a strongly felt or unchanged cause/sport/job/business/family/event, etc.

"An individual who pushes haters out of their way to success." - Everyone will experience battles, obstacles, challenges in their life. You will have people who will attempt to steal your dreams, your passion, your purpose, your life. Sport Bullies MUST push these obstacles and people out of their way. You may also experience internal challenges. You can be the person who is telling YOU, "You can't do this, you can't do that" YOU must push those thoughts out of your mind. You must be your own believer, ALWAYS! Do not allow challenges, people or your own thinking to get in your way to your success.

"Morph into Excellence" Let's think of the meaning of these words. (1) Morph - transform; change. (2) Excellence - the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. I believe we are all born with a purpose. It is our responsibility to understand what our purpose is in life. I believe that we are all here to serve one another, to exercise our many talents to fulfill our purpose. Our life's work is a transformation, from birth to death, we all should constantly work on ourselves to achieve our purpose. We must all remain focused (pushing doubt out of our minds, and fear out of our hearts), serve as a leader and constantly work on becoming an outstanding person.

In discussing definitions, we MUST talk about the archaic meaning of the word "Bully" - Bully was a term used to express admiration or approval; very good. excellent. Admirable. Look this up, google it and for those who are "old school" look in the dictionary. What happened to this meaning? Why did it change to a word of negativitiy? Let's embrace the archaic. Let's get back to thinking positively and using the word to give praise!

Sport Bully, overall is the mindset of an individual, coupled with constant positive focused goal-oriented actions, to lead yourself and others to success.

This is Sport Bully. Live the Message, Wear the Brand!

Author - Sport Bully in-house Writer