You No Longer Need Permission to Be Great

Have you thought about how life was before the advancement of technology? If you play sports, scouts had to come out to your games to check you out. If you are a singer, you need someone to know someone in the music business to get you in front of the right people to show your singing abilities. If you make clothing, you need to find a celebrity to wear your clothing. You need to “be discovered”. You need someone to validate your greatness.

Well, yes, you may still need someone to see you play ball, or hear you sing, or a celebrity to wear your clothes, but the chances of that happening 40 years ago, compared to now is huge! You can get discovered just by putting yourself out there and showing your greatness. Create a Youtube channel to highlight all your football plays. You can create your very own music video and put it on Instagram or Facebook. You can create clothes and put pictures on Pinterest or Twitter! The list and the opportunity for you to be discovered goes on and on and on. Its up to you to make it happen. Up to you to put your talents and skills out there. Up to you to “market” yourself! Get discovered, show the world how great you are!