Quality and Style

Sport Bully was founded in 2019 by Devin McNair and his family. Devin's parents, Dwayne and Leashaun sat down with their sons and asked, "if you were to start a business, what would it be?" With Devin's love of football and basketball, he said "he would start a clothing brand, like Nike or Air Jordan".

In school, Devin's classmates called him "Ankle Bully", and he liked that nickname. Leashaun was hesitant to promote Bully in the brand until doing research, she discovered the archaic meaning of "Bully" is "An Excellent Person" a word to express "Praise". With that knowledge, Sport Bully was created! 

We want to erase the negative meaning of "Bully." Those who fit the modern meaning should be called what they really are, "weak minded", "oppressor", "cowardly" and those labels are the opposite of a Sport Bully. Sport Bullies are strong, force others to recognize their greatness, and Lead in a positive way!

As the business became a reality he brought on his "brother from another Mother", Brandon Catherine, to help launch the business in 2020. With his best friend/brother at his side and his parents leading the way, Devin knows he can spread the message of Leadership, Commitment, Hard Work, Dedication and the desire to be your best in all that you do, Sports and Life.

Sport Bullies remain Focused and Push Haters out of their way to success!

Live the Message AND Wear the Brand. Represent as a Sport Bully and spread the word of what being a Sport Bully is all about!

Quality and Style with Impact is what Sport Bully apparel is all about.