Control The Game

Control the Game and Win!

Sport Bully’s slogan is “Control the Game”. Yes, we are talking about controlling an actual game. The games you play such as football, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, hockey, etc. you always want to be in control. You want to set the tone to have your opponent react to your game.

We are also referring to life. Your life can be looked at like a game, and you want as much control of it as you possibly can get, so you can win in Life. Practice yields progression to a level of perfection. The more you are in the Game (whatever game you are playing), the more you can learn about the game you are playing; the better you will become.

I am consider myself a hands-on learner. Some people can be told what to do and do it. Myself, I have to actual perform the action to learn. I need to be in the game to get better. I believe that being in the game is the best way to get better at controlling it. Don't you think? Once you understand the game and understand your own personal development in such game (practicing the skills hands-on of the game), You will Win!

Get in the game, stay in the game and Win...including the Game of Life!