Take Time to Think

How much time do you spend thinking?

It is important for you to take time to think. Actual stop and concentrate on your thoughts. I have begun with 30 minutes of “think time” each day. I sit on my corner of the couch, staring out the window with a notepad and just sit and think.

Today, I thought about myself and what I want to do in my. I thought about the big picture I want to paint which is my life. This sounds deep right? Well, it is. I thought about the past few days and how I loss focus on my weight loss. I fail, ill last week, and couldn’t eat for 2 days. When I finally ate, I overindulged, thinking I had to make up for lost meals…I gained 4 lbs of the 11lbs I previously lost. I found myself having difficulty getting back on track, and I began to think about why I wanted to lose the weight in the 1st place. Now, lets state the obvious to look better, slimmer, trimmer, healthier, but that is not my big picture. I want to eat healthier and become more active, which in turn will yield weight loss. The big picture goal here is to eat healthier, become more active so I will have the energy to meet the goals I want to achieve in my life (paint my big picture). I want to get up every day with the energy required to work and achieve my goals for the day.

Take time to think everyday to reset on a goal already being worked on, or to create new ones. Having big picture thinking is the best way to think. Do not look at the small tasks at hand, but what those small tasks will create in your big picture.